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Head Chef

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Yorskhire fillet of beef with parsley puree & mushroom espuma

Serves 4


800g yorkshire fillet beef

100g chopped, chilled unsalted butter

250ml chicken stock

100g picked flat parsley

200g cleaned wild mushrooms

200ml double cream

1 tblsp armagnac

1 tsp worcester sauce

1 tsp truffle oil

2 bay leaves

10 peppercorns

1 clove of garlic

2 cloves

2 sprigs of thyme

rapeseed oil for frying

salt & pepper to taste

special equipment

hand blender

heavy bottomed sauce pan

cream whipping canister and gas



pre heat oven to 180 degrees celsius

In hot sautee pan add enough rapeseed oil to cover bottom of pan

Add 4 x 200g steaks (cook separately if required) turning in pan to brown all


Add 1 sprig of thyme, 50g butter and baste.

Keep the heat even as to not let the butter burn.

Cook in oven to medium rare

Rest the meat for 5-8 mins


Sautee half the mushrooms in heavy bottom pan for 2 – 3 minutes

Add armagnac and flame

Keep moving – don’t let the mushrooms burn

Add Worcester sauce, 100 ml chicken stock, double cream, bay leaves,

peppercorns, cloves, garlic (crushed), rest of the thyme

Bring to the boil and simmer to reduce by half

Salt and pepper to taste

Pass through a sieve twice

Pour carefully into a cream whipper, add the truffle oil, inject gas and keep


parsly puree

Heat the remaining 150ml chicken stock in a small saucepan

Add parsley leaves

Cook for 1 minute

Blitz with hand blender while adding 50g butter

Salt and pepper to taste

Pass through a sieve

If you are not using it immediately, place in a metal bowl over iced water, then freeze

to retain colour. Use microwave to re-heat


Put warm parsley puree in centre of the plate

Carve beef and place on top

Quickly sautee remaining mushrooms and place on top of beef.

Gently squeeze espuma over beef and mushrooms

Serve with buttery mash potato on the side